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CAROEarly Adopter Program

We participate in OCI's Early Adopter Program Initiative. With CARO you can experience a simple, practical solution that is in line with the OCI architecture. Start your free trial well ahead of the 2023 DSCSA deadline!

CARO is a user-friendly web app that enables pharmaceutical supply chain actors to identify any previously unknown trading partners and check their Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) status in any supply chain interaction.

This enables DSCSA-compliant data exchange between direct and indirect trading partners.

How it works

Three steps to get you up and running

Start your DSCSA compliance journey



After registration, we will contact you with further details on expectations and requirements, for example which information and personnel is required.


When you are ready, you will be onboarded in a joint session with us and our integrated Credential Issuer, Legisym. Here is avideo describing the process.

You will get access to a test account to manage your credentials and monitor all test interactions.

Test environments are available for Trading Partners and VRS providers.

VRS Connection

If your VRS provider has already integrated with an OCI-supported credentialing solution, they will contact you to discuss specific details of the testing process like test data and GLNs used. The testing of credentialing will be done in the VRS test environment.

If your VRS provider is not yet integrated, we will invite them to join.

Get your access to the Early Adopter Program today!

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Looking for more information?

We have collated a few resources below for you to explore.

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