CARO’s Integration Partners

Our digital wallet service is complemented by partnering service providers to deliver seamless integration to your existing workflow and provide a comprehensive solution in one place.

Integrated VRS Providers

Integrated Credential Issuers


As a VRS solution provider, all we had to do was a simple API call to the digital wallet to either retrieve or verify credentials and some small changes to handle the response from the wallet. All in all, this technology allows us to implement the ATP check to the existing — and established — processes without disruption.

Oliver Nürnberg
Chief Product Owner, SAP Life Sciences

Legisym is thrilled to be working alongside Spherity to bring the first production level ATP credentialing solution to the industry. With the successful completion of the ATP Credentialing Pilot in 2020 and the joint founding of the Open Credentialing Initiative in early 2021, the Spherity-Legisym partnership is already proving successful in collaboration and forward-thinking.

David Kessler of Legisym
David Kessler
President and Co-Owner, Legisym

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