CredentialingService forDSCSA Compliance

Spherity’s compact app to authenticate direct and indirect Authorized Trading Partners in real-time.


CARO supports your roadmap to DSCSA compliance

Enhance your VRS interactions

Electronic credentials enable DSCSA-compliant VRS-facilitated product verifications and can help prevent malicious actors from infiltrating the supply chain

Rely on interoperable design

CARO leverages internationally recognized technology standards and OCI specifications to prevent vendor lock-in

Integrate easily

Add this additional layer of security to your existing DSCSA solution without the need for specialist technical expertise

CARO exists within a technology and industry ecosystemDiscover our integration partners


CARO features in a nutshell

Legisym-issued Credentials

Obtain your credentials from our fully integrated partner Legisym without any technical effort or additional contracts.

VRS Integration

CARO is directly integrated with your VRS, thus it requires no change to your corporate IT systems.

Interaction Monitoring

Get the whole picture of all your VRS interactions in one place and be audit-ready with automated transaction logs.

Counterparty Status

Know instantly whether your trading partner has accepted your credential to allow for fast trouble-shooting.
  • Legisym-issued Credentials | CARO Features

    Legisym-issued Credentials

  • VRS Integration | CARO Features

    VRS Integration

  • Interaction Monitoring | CARO Features

    Interaction Monitoring

  • Counterparty Status | CARO Features

    Counterparty Status


Don’t get caught out by the 2023 deadline!

Use CARO to operate as an ATP in DSCSA-regulated electronic verifications.

Contact Spherity & your VRS

Your VRS provider needs to be integrated with CARO. Please contact us if they are not yet connected. We will invite them to join.

Activate your account

We will invite you to your CARO account, which is already connected to your VRS provider.

Register as ATP

Acquire your digital enterprise identity and ATP credentials from our fully integrated partner, Legisym, by providing all the required information

Still unsure how all of this works?Trial CARO in the OCI Early Adopter Program Initiative.