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CARO enables manufacturers, wholesalers, 3PL, repackagers, and dispensers to identify any previously unknown trading partners and verify their Authorized Trading Partner (ATP) status in any supply chain interaction. This enables DSCSA-compliant data exchange between indirect trading partners.

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CARO features in a nutshell

Legisym-issued Credentials

Obtain credentials from our integrated partner, Legisym, in our joint onboarding process

Digital Wallet

Manage digital credentials to prove your enterprise’s ID and regulatory status

VRS Integration

API-facilitated integration of Verification Routing Service (VRS) providers allows for little to no changes to your existing processes and avoids the need for specialist IT expertise


Since CARO recognizes credentials from other OCI-conformant service providers, using our service automatically enables you to interact with others in the ecosystem

Interaction Monitoring

Inspect past interactions and be audit-ready with automated transaction logs

Flexible User & Access Management

Add and remove individuals using different user types

Over to you

Get started closing the compliance gap

Three steps to get you up and running


Contact Spherity & your VRS

Please contact us for more information on CARO or a quotation.

Your VRS provider needs to be integrated with CARO. Please contact us if they are not yet connected. We will invite them to join.

You are a VRS provider?
Please get in touch.

Set up web application

With a contract in place, we will invite you to your CARO administrator account. It is already connected to your VRS provider. Simply invite them to your account to activate the necessary access permissions.

Onboard your enterprise

Acquire digital identity and ATP credentials by providing all the required information to our integrated Credential Issuer Legisym.

Still unsure how all of this works?Trial CARO in the OCI Early Adopter Program Initiative.

We won't leave you hanging

CARO, the ecosystem and you

CARO exists within a technology and industry ecosystem that benefits us all


Guided one-off onboarding
IT support team

Bundled service

System and process integrations with OCI-approved partners


Conformance to OCI, GS1, and W3C standards enables interoperability with other service providers

Strong industry-wide partnerships

SAP Cloud integration
OCI Founding Member
Joint development with industry partners
Collaboration with standards organizations

Secure electronic communication

Why digital credentials?

Digital or so-called Verifiable Credentials are electronic representations of real-life certified facts, for example your company registration details. These can be shared in the form of Verifiable Presentations.

Using CARO, Verifiable Presentations of your DSCSA-relevant authorized status are automatically embedded into messages between you and other businesses, such as Product Identifier verifications with manufacturers. This way, you can both trust that your communication is compliant with DSCSA ATP requirements because the message flow would stop as soon as one party fails the ATP check.

You only need to onboard once to CARO to obtain an ATP credential that can be reused in every message. What’s more, credentials are so flexible that they can be employed in various business scenarios. We are just getting started!

Future Uses