Credentialing Service for your DSCSA Compliance

Easily verify Authorized Trading Partners identities and licensing in all DSCSA regulated interactions


HDA 2023 Distribution Management Award, Spherity, Legisym

Spherity - Legisym Partnership

Award-winning solution

Spherity and Legisym’s joint credentialing solution, CARO won the 2023 HDA Distribution Management Award.

Curious to learn the solution's role in DSCSA compliance?

Our contribution to your business

Introducing a new layer of security, efficiency, and convenience to
your DSCSA compliance

Protect your business

Protect yourself against bad actors

Leverage strong due diligence of Authorized Trading Partners (ATP) based on the OCI framework to prevent data sharing with bad actors infiltrating the U.S. drug supply chain using public information.

Save time

Automated audit trail in all electronic interactions

Avoid manual processes & errors through automated ATP checks in VRS-enabled product verifications. Be audit ready with automated logs.

Save resources

Readily integrated with your solution provider

Align with existing operational processes without disruption thanks to direct integration with your Verification Router Service (VRS).

What you get

Everything you need for ATP compliance in Product Verification and Tracing.

At a click, CARO can be seamlessly added to your existing VRS without requiring any changes to your corporate IT systems.

We are up and running

Customers are actively using and integrating CARO

Issued Credentials
Service Providers

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Within the VRS network, our compliance solution for DSCSA Authorized Trading
Partners (ATP) is available to thousands of trading partners, from manufacturers to
dispensers. Discover the value we add to your business.

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CARO exists within an industry ecosystem.

Our digital wallet service is complemented by partnering service providers to deliver seamless integration to your existing workflow and provide a comprehensive solution in one place.

    • Legisym is thrilled to be working alongside Spherity to bring the first production level ATP credentialing solution to the industry. With the successful completion of the ATP Credentialing Pilot in 2020 and the joint founding of the Open Credentialing Initiative in early 2021, the Spherity-Legisym partnership is already proving successful in collaboration and forward-thinking.

      David Kessler
      President and Co-Owner, Legisym
    • The Spherity Credentialing Service is the most comprehensive effort to address the upcoming Authorized Trading Partner requirement for DSCSA. rfxcel was impressed to see how seamlessly it integrated with our solution.

      Herb Wong
      SVG Product & Strategy, rfxcel/Antares Vision Group
    • TrackTraceRX recent collaboration with Spherity met our objective to offer an Advanced Track & Trace (ATP) solution. Spherity, a partner that not only understood the nuances of secure digital identities was also agile, trustworthy, and compatible to integrate with our existing systems. Spherity team showcased a depth of expertise in the field, which allowed us to swiftly integrate their services without any significant hurdles.

      Christian Souza
      COO and Co-Founder, TrackTraceRX
    • As a VRS solution provider, all we had to do was a simple API call to the digital wallet to either retrieve or verify credentials and some small changes to handle the response from the wallet. All in all, this technology allows us to implement the ATP check to the existing — and established — processes without disruption.

      Oliver Nürnberg
      Chief Product Owner, SAP Life Sciences
    • Data is the key ingredient for almost all aspects of DSCSA compliance. Our role is to provide a solution for secure and reliable capture, use and storage of that data—so that our customers can focus on their core operations. Our goal always, is to partner with our pharmaceutical customers on their compliance journey. By combining Spherity’s subject expertise with our leadership in traceability, we provide a swift and easy to integrate route to best practice compliance for our customers.

      David DeJean
      VP of Customer Success and Business Development, Systech
    • When using VRS initially, we utilized GLNs to identify a trading partner. We discovered GLNs that were not active or not associated with the requesting entity. GLNs also do not inform about authorized status. Additionally, we had no proof that the provided GLN actually came from the trading partner. This was a compliance gap we had to close.

      Dave Mason
      Supply Chain Compliance and Serialization Lead, Novartis
    • The pharmaceutical supply chain is entering a critical phase as trading partners prepare for DSCSA compliance in 2023. Integrating credentialing into existing data management or pharmacy IT systems is key to enabling industry adoption and increasing efficiency in an affordable way. Credentials are key to product identifier (PI) verification and product ownership tracing, two key DSCSA requirements starting Nov 27, 2023.

      Max Peoples
      CEO of RxScan, and of Uptown and Essentra Pharmacies
    • With the integration of CARO in our self-service Cloud-based VRS solution, we provide requesters and responders a one-stop-shop solution to be compliant and ready for the upcoming verification requirements of DSCSA today.

      Marc Blekkink
      Product Owner, Movilitas.Cloud

Choose your path to compliance

Whether you're just curious to explore the credentialing solution or want to jump right in and be compliant, CARO provides options for you to shape your own path.

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  • Self-register for your account
  • Mock Identity & ATP credentials
  • Mock credentialing process
  • Mock interaction log
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Connect CARO to your VRS for testing.

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  • CARO Digital Wallet test account
  • Credentialing process with Legisym-issued Identity & ATP credentials
  • Connection to your VRS providers test set-up
  • Real-time interaction log
  • User management
  • Basic SLA
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Use your credentials in business interactions to be compliant.

Be compliant

  • Enterprise CARO Digital Wallet account for commercial use in DSCSA PI Verification and Tracing
  • Legisym-issued Identity & ATP credentials with complete due diligence and ongoing monitoring
  • Integration with your VRS provider
  • Real-time logging of credential-enhanced VRS interactions
  • Automated audit trail
  • Dashboard and transaction analytics with real-time interaction data
  • Optionally included test environment for PI Verification
  • Customer support
  • User management
  • Premium SLA
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Compatible with major service providers, including SAP, rfxcel, TraceLink, Systech, Movilitas.Cloud, TrackTraceRX, Optel Group, Gateway Checker, Cardinal Health, Trust.Med, Jekson Vision, Axway and RxScan.

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