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We have created a few resources for you to explore. Follow the links below and don't forget to check out the FAQ, too.

Info brochure

Let us introduce you to our credentialing solution CARO.

Early Adopter Roadmap

Find out what's lying ahead for VRS and Trading Partners in 2022.

Onboarding preparation

Get a quick overview of the information needed to register your organization.

Trading Partner User Guide

Explore our simple app. Understand CARO's functionalities.

CARO Datasheet

Understand CARO's key features and currently available use cases.

Credentialing for Dispensers

Read our PoC report to explore how credentialing enables DSCSA compliance for pharmacies and other dispensers.

SAP Success Story

Read why SAP helped Novartis implement CARO.

Spherity blog

Find articles, case studies, and more on Spherity's blog.

Spherity videos

Find educational videos and webinars in Spherity's YouTube channel.

OCI website

Discover more resources and the wider ecosystem around CARO on OCI's website.

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